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Chicken Egg Noodle Soup – A Satisfying Bowl of Comfort

chicken noodle

Introduction: Step into the world of comfort and warmth with Chicken Egg Noodle Soup, a dish that soothes the soul and delights the senses. This Vietnamese-inspired recipe brings together tender chicken, perfectly cooked egg noodles, and a flavorful broth that promises to make every spoonful a moment of pure satisfaction. Ingredients: 1 pound boneless, skinless […]

How to Make Delicious Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli

Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli

On weekends, if you have free time, go to the kitchen to make grilled pork and shrimp vermicelli for the whole family. Ingredients: 300g lean shoulder meat, meat with a bit of fat when grilled will not dry out 200g shrimp with shell on 2 teaspoons of honey Few minced lemongrass Salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning […]

Instructions for Cooking Mushroom Chicken Noodles

Musroom Chicken Noodles

Ingredients: Chicken broth 1 liter Chicken 300gr Garlic 50gr Red apple 200gr Cabbage 1 pc Noodles 200gr Sliced ginger 20gr Soy sauce 1 tbsp Cooking oil 2 tablespoons Mirin 1 tbsp Cornstarch 1 teaspoon 1 little seasoning (salt/pepper) Dried Shiitake Mushroom 150gr 1 pinch of granulated salt Instructions: 1. Prep and Marinate Chicken After buying […]